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4x molded fins, 8x countersunk head M6 screw, 8x washer, black
FACL50000 Simple Chicken Loop incl. Stick
for Simple Quick Release
elastic leash, grey
MOJO wrist strap MOJO wrist strap
compression strap with velcro; teal
FAMJ1WAS1 MOJO Waist Strap
compression strap with buckle; teal
Board bag TRIP Board bag TRIP
Transport bag for splitboard
FBASFS1OR40 Squad Fin Set
Set for RUSH / RADICAL: 4x G10 fins, orange, 8x countersunk head M6 screws, 8x washers
FBAB2SQ19 Squad bag for kiteboard accessories
with draw string, for all board types - without content, bag only -
FACL4000M Chickenloop QR 4.0 + Chicken stick
Loop line and chicken stick for quick release 4.0.
FBASQ1GH0 Squad Grab Handle
Handle for all FLYSURFER kiteboards.
FBASQ1PSS Squad Pad-Strap-Set
Each set containing Pads, Straps, handle and according screws. FLYDOOR6, RADICAL6, FLOW and TRIP
FAKP200BL Pump
With a massive air chamber and high volume double action valve the new Free Flow 2.0 pump will get you on the water in no time without effort.Featuring an extra tall body with high air flow piston, anti sand seals and intake filter,...
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