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RACE Pig Tail Set RACE Pig Tail Set
2x DC300 Deep Black 20 cm, 1x DC200 Orange 20 cm, 1x DC200 Teal 20 cm
Short Safety Leash Short Safety Leash
Safety leash with release mechanism and orange protective cap
4 mm woven dyneema line, black - only for CONNECT2 Control Bar
FATC10000 Trim Checker
The Trim Checker serves as an aid to fix the front main and back main lines. It can be attached to objects with a Larkshead and enables you to carry out the bridle check yourself.
FACL50000 Simple Chicken Loop incl. Stick
for Simple Quick Release
FACL4000M Chickenloop QR 4.0 + Chicken stick
Loop line and chicken stick for quick release 4.0.