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Ground anchor for beachflag Ground anchor for beachflag
PVC, with rotator D 16,6 mm, black, to screw in the ground
FAFL3OP00 Fabric cover for FLYSURFER lounge chair
color: petrol/orange
FAMC10000 Flysurfer lens wipe
SABF2GD00 Erdspieß für skywalk Beachflag
with rotator, silver chromed, length 60 cm
SABF2PO00 Flag pole for beachflag
3 aluminium segments and 2 glassfibre segments, incl. bag; Total height approx. 520 cm
FACB400NT FLYSURFER shopping bag
material: 100 % cotton, color: nature measurements: 50 x 40 x15 cm
FALY10000 Flysurfer Lanyard
FAFL3OP00 Flysurfer Flag large orange/petrol
upright format without pole; size ca. 90 x 220 cm
FABS19WHPE Button sticker
petrol on white background, diameter 240 mm
FABF3OP00 Flysurfer Beachflag orange/petrol
beachflag without pole-set; size ca. 85 x 450 cm
FAFS3OP00 Flysurfer Flag small orange/petrol
landscape format, without pole; size ca. 150 x 100 cm
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