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4x molded fins, 8x countersunk head M6 screw, 8x washer, black
FBAFFS150 Firefin Fin Set 50 mm
color: grey Click-In fin system, easy to dismount Each set consisting of: 4x Firefin 50mm 4x Base with stabilizer 10x K40x18mm pan head screw (blue) 1x Measuring tool 1x Pouch 1x Sticker 1x Manual 1x Box Other fin sizes can be purchased...
FBASFS1OR40 Squad Fin Set
Set for RUSH / RADICAL: 4x G10 fins, orange, 8x countersunk head M6 screws, 8x washers
FBASQ1PSS Squad Pad-Strap-Set
Each set containing Pads, Straps, handle and according screws. FLYDOOR6, RADICAL6, FLOW and TRIP
FBASQ1GH0 Squad Grab Handle
Handle for all FLYSURFER kiteboards.