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Here you will find Downloads to spare part lists, line plans, manuals an how-tos

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FACB1BO205 Centerstrut Bladder BOOST2
Bladder for replacement.
Bridle line set for SONIC RACE - Rev2 Bridle line set for SONIC RACE - Rev2
excl. mixer Delivery time approx. 6 weeks.
FAAF1BO211 Adaptive Airfoil Bridle BOOST2
Trailing Edge (TE) bridle, supports lightwind relaunch
FAPLZ10YE Z-Pulleyline 100cm
(spare part line) DFL200 yellow or silver for CRONIX/BOOST LW (15.0/18.0)/BOOST2/BOOST3
FATB1BO07 Tipstrut Bladder BOOST1
Replacement bladder.
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