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FAULSL Unhooked-loop for suicide leash
Line adapter for the Infinity Bar 1.0 / Infinity Bar 2.0 Chickenloop. This doulble sleeved dynema loop attached to your Chickenloop enables you to go unhooked while still being connected to the safety (FDS & FLS). Upon activating the...
FASLT0000 PEAK Trainer Safety-Leash
Elastic safety leash with velcro cuff, black
FASR42400 O-Ring 24/4 mm
Steel ring with 24 mm diameter (outside), 4 mm (inside), polished
FALR20166 Low Friction Ring 16/6 mm
plastic eyelet with 16 mm diameter (outside), 6 mm (inside), polished
FALLLIL30 Chickenloop QR 3.0 LARGE
The loop line "large" (29 cm) is designed specially for freestyler. The bigger loop eases to hook-in and -out during unhooked tricks.
FALR100CR Low Friction Ring 26/9 mm
1 pair, orange/white, for CONNECT Control Bar
FAEY1CC00 Eyelet CONNECT Control Bar
Countersunk head 5,5 mm x 14 mm A4 for Eyelet CONNECT Control Bar
FACC1AB00 Clam-Cleat Double-Connection
CL829 with double bridge, for INFINITY Airstyle Control Bar & FORCE Control Bar
FAAP4 Pull-Pull Adjuster
Pull-Pull adjuster for all Flysurfer kite-models since 2007.
FAAJ200PE Clam-Cleat Single-Connection
CL826 with single bridge, for all RACE Control Bars and CONNECT Control Bar
FAAH1BL00 Adjuster Handle
handle with velcro and FLYSURFER branding, black
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